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Splitting the Riches: The Present and Future of Taxation by Formula

IMF Conference

Washington D.C.


The current framework of international corporate taxation—based on the “arm’s-length principle” to split profits of multinationals between countries—is increasingly being challenged by experts, businesses and civil society. New international standards and guidelines under the G20/OECD BEPS initiative aim at addressing key weaknesses in the current framework, but do not tackle the root cause of the significant spillovers inherent to the system. At the same time, digitalization and the growing importance of intangible assets create new challenges. These developments have elevated fundamental discussions on whether the arms-length principle is sustainable. While much has been written about the problems with the current system, much less is known about the advantages and disadvantages of an alternative system, based on a formulary approach to profit attribution. This conference will bring together various experts to discuss these issues.

Participation in the conference is by invitation only. 

With the participation of Icrict commissioner Léonce Ndikumana

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