Jayati Ghosh and Wayne Swan join ICRICT as new commissioners



The Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRICT) is pleased to announce that Jayati Ghosh and Wayne Swan have accepted to join the Commission.

Jayati Ghosh, from India, is one of the world's leading development economist and the Commission will benefit from her perspective in the Commission's aim to develop alternative approaches and policy proposals that are based on current realities but aimed at moving economic processes in a more progressive and egalitarian direction. 

As the former finance minister (2007-2013) of Australia, Wayne Swan is credited with having introduced the economic stimulus package which kept Australia out of recession during the global financial crisis. Wayne Swan is the current chair of the Eminent Expert Group on Tax Policies and Public Expenditure Management for Sustainable Development, an independent advisory board for the Executive Secretary of ESCAP and will bring a wealth of knowledge on taxation issues, experience of government and intergovernmental organisations at the highest level, which will help the Commission both setting and advocating its policy position.

As the Commission continues its strategic expansion, Jayati Ghosh and Wayne Swan will both bring their unique expertise to table to help the Commission meets its goals.

Jayati Gosh biography:

Jayati Ghosh is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her research interests include globalisation, international trade and finance, employment patterns, macroeconomic policy, gender issues, poverty and inequality. Her research output has been recognised through several national and international prizes.

She has authored and/or edited a dozen books and more than 180 scholarly articles, most recently Demonetisation Decoded: A critique of India’s monetary experiment (with CP Chandrasekhar and Prabhat Patnaik, Routledge 2017), the Elgar Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development (co-edited with Erik Reinert and Rainer Kattel, Edward Elgar 2016) and India and the International Economy, (Oxford University Press 2015).

She has advised governments in India and other countries at different levels. She was the Chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Commission on Farmers’ Welfare in 2004, and Member of the National Knowledge Commission reporting to the Prime Minister of India (2005-09). She is the Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates (www.networkideas.org), an international network of heterodox development economists. She has consulted for several international organisations including ILO, UNDP, UNCTAD, UN-DESA, UNRISD and UN Women. She writes regularly for popular media like newspapers, journals and blogs.

Wayne Sawn short biography:

Wayne Swan served as the Treasurer of Australia for nearly six years, including three years as Deputy Prime Minister. Mr Swan was re-elected for the eighth time in 2016 as the Federal Member for Lilley and has held senior economic roles in the Australian Labor Party since 1993.

Mr Swan was awarded Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year in 2011 for his ‘careful stewardship of Australia’s finances and economic performance’ during the global financial crisis.

He is the author of Postcode: The Splintering of a Nation (2005) and The Good Fight: Six years, two prime ministers and staring down the Great Recession (2014).

More recently, Mr Swan has co-authored the Report of the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity, commissioned by the Center for American Progress and published the article Financing Sustainable Development – “What can we learn from the Australian experience of reform?” for the United Nations Social and Economic Commission in the Asia Pacific (UN-ESCAP). Mr Swan chairs the UN-ESCAP Eminent Expert Group (EEG) on Tax Policy and Public Expenditure Management for Sustainable Development. In 2015 he attended the UN General Assembly in the Australian delegation, during which time he was a Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Institute for Global Affairs, giving a series of seminars on political and economic reform in the 21st century with a focus on contemporary Australian experiences.

ICRICT is a non-profit group of economists, tax experts and former senior officials which works to promote debate on reform of international corporate taxation, in the global public interest. Our latest report, “A roadmap to improve the the rules for taxing multinationals” is here.




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